FOODEXPORT Company has been active on the Polish market since 2006, supplying food, pharmaceutical and fodder industries with starch products.

The Company specializes in exporting starch products. Our business contacts include Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Foodexport also actively sells its groceries in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Depending on the size of the batches, our goods are delivered directly from production plants or from our trading partners, including Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus.

The Company offers technological consultancy on the use of starch products in food industry. As a distributor and partner for the leading Polish and international starch producers but also as an innovator, FOODEXPORT offers its own solutions. We choose starch of parameters appropriate for particular branches of food industry depending on the specific needs.

Foodexport coordinates forwarding and logistic services of national potato starch producers. It is provides also consulting services on company management that takes into account the market.  It offers help in launching products onto the east markets and establishing distribution models. 

We focus all our energy on supplying our clients with the best products at reasonable prices, thus ensuring profits for both parties. Direct contact with each client - even with the smallest company - allows us to react quickly to market changes. Combining all the information, we can predict the development of the market situation and suggest optimum solutions.

We achieve joint success thanks to logistic costs minimization, delivering our products to specific markets in optimum batches at carefully planned intervals every single time. As a significant and reliable partner, we provide our clients with the best supply conditions, buying large amounts of products. This gives us an insight into the production process and guarantees top quality of the goods sold to us.